John Gies, Founder and Chief Growth Officer at RAS-Squared founded the firm when he realized the Small Business Owners were the life blood of our communities. After over two decades in the corporate sales arena selling large deals that made investors a lot of money it was time for a change. Investors often win at the expense of the customer and employees in large corporations. While Small Business Owners are the lifeblood of our communities.

He now works with ambitious business owners that wake up one day and realize that this is more work than their previous job without the benefits. Their employees have more free time. Employees often make more money than the owner and the owner is missing recitals and ball games consumed with the business. RAS-Squared helps by helping these businesses create the revenue and profits to hire the teams and build the systems that create a business that can operate with or without the owners everyday presence . John Met his wife in Denver CO and then promptly moved through six cities in ten years before moving back to Colorado.

John also volunteers at the Rocky Mountain Micro Finance Institute as a mentor and coach to new entrepreneurs.