Life is all about relationships. The relationships you have with your friends and family in addition to those that you build to handle the most important transactions in life. Buying a home, saving for college, and most certainly, your health insurance. That is where we come in. We will take the time to build a relationship of trust and understanding so that we can customize a plan to address your specific needs. Travel for work and need a plan that travels with you? We've got a plan for that. Live a very active lifestyle and need to minimize your out-of-pocket in the event of an accident? We've got the plan for that. Whatever your needs may be, we can help.

Whether you are looking for a solution for Yourself, your Team, or your Family, it would be our honor to assist you in finding the right fit. We take great pride in providing our clients with the best possible options and impeccable customer service.

As licensed health insurance advisors, our goal is to eliminate the confusion and uncertainty that many face when searching for quality healthcare. As healthcare costs rise in the current economic conditions, the demand for products and services outside of government or major group plans has increased. These options can be dramatically overpriced and inferior in benefit. Many clients are looking for affordable, but elite alternatives.

We also assist employees who are currently covered under their spouse’s work-provided health plan. Often, those in this situation are overpaying or have trouble reaching their high deductible.

In today's healthcare market, the need to utilize a benefits consultant has never been greater. We encourage you to take advantage of our health insurance expertise no matter your situation. Our goal is to ensure each client is in the best situation possible.

Flexibility and reliability are the hallmarks of our product portfolio. Checkout our highlights & benefits...


  • Any Doctor, Any Hospital!
  • 24-hour coverage, on or off the job
  • Portable coverage
  • Quality coverage available for periods of critical illness
  • Wellness & Health Screening Benefits Available


  • 3 Plans to Choose From Tailored for Your Needs
  • Preventative Dental Care Coverage
  • Basic Dental Care Coverage
  • Major Dental Care Services Available
  • Orthodontic Care Services Available


  • Up to 84% Savings on Vision Services
  • Over 71,000 Providers to Choose From
  • Comprehensive Eye Exam Coverage
  • Corrective Lenses Coverage
  • Corrective Contact Lenses Coverage
  • Annual Allowance Towards Frames

Let us help you customize your health coverage today.