I moved to Castle Rock in August of 2022, but have lived in Colorado my entire life. I went to school for engineering and finance and use both skillsets in my career. I am a volunteer firefighter in Franktown, CO.

I began as a retail investor about 7 years ago and started in the professional investment and planning world in early 2021.

I have built my financial practice on top of the strongest mutual insurance company in the United States, but I am not limited to their offerings. I help with investments, life, health, and disability insurances to help my clients build a wholistic financial plan.

My goal is simple. To help educate individuals on their financial goals and implement the strategies it will take to get there.

Coming from an engineering background, I use those skills to create efficient solutions that my clients can fully understand. About 60% of my clients are engineers or have an analytical mindset so understanding the "how" and "why" are extremely important.

I work best with individuals and families between the ages of 29-59 who want to have a full understanding of how to achieve their goals.

CPAs, Attorneys, Health Insurance Agents, P&C Insurance Agents, Technical Job Recruiters

I get to help people achieve goals without conflict of interest or ulterior motives.

In every business, there are aspects that we love and want nothing to do with. Really finding what I enjoy doing and having team members or referral partners for aspects I do not enjoy has been extremely challenging, but very worthwhile.